Spring Frock


Using the Vogue Easy Options V9293 dress pattern, you can make a cute, spring-y dress in light prints and florals, or go vavavoom for a fancy dressed-up option.

The beauty of handmade garments is that it can be the dress you want it to be – in your preferred choice of colours and fabrics with personalized details.

Click here to see the sewing instructions.


Decorative Stitch Pouch


Sometimes your day is just a mixed bag of emotions. When we have a day like that, a simple sewing project is exactly what we need to relax! Check out this easy decorative stitch pouch project.

We can think of a million things to use this gorgeous pouch for – make up, jewellery, sewing bits and bobs, plus they make great gifts!

Click here to download the instructions in a PDF file.


Bag An Old T-shirt


Turn an old T-shirt into a handy, reusable bag for a trip to the farmers’ market. It’s a double win in terms of minimising waste – an old T-shirt gets upcycled plus you avoid plastic bags!

Your T-shirt bag also has the advantage of being washable so go ahead and pop it into the washer on your laundry day. You can also make several T-shirt bags with their own colour or label to separate your meats from fruits and vegetables and other items. That would help prevent contamination between washings.

Click here to download the instructions in a PDF file.


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