AcuSketch Instruction Sheet


Always wondered how you can create your own embroidery designs for quilts and patchwork? The answer is in our new AcuSketch app, now available on the Apple iTunes store.

AcuSketch is compatible with the following sewing machine models: Memory Craft 15000 version 2.11, HORIZON Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000, SKYLINE S9/atelier 9 version 1.10.

With AcuSketch, you can easily create embroidery designs on the go using your iPad by tracing or drawing on the canvas screen with your finger or a stylus. It’s simple to use and fun for all ages – we’ll show you how!

1. Set the embroidery work area first
Measure the length and height of where you want to sew with a ruler and enter the length and height on the app.
2. Take a photo with your iPad of the sketch you want to use and then trace
Insert the iPad image and trace the design by finger or stylus. The lines are shown in gray and are easy to see. The color of the lines can be selected as well.
You can also draw a design directly on the app without a sketch. By tapping the information icon, you can take a “Tour” which explains how to use each main icon.
3. Convert image to embroidery data
You can set the stitch length you want and also choose to include locking stitches or not. You can send your designs via Wi-Fi. Save the designs on your sewing machine.


Click here to download the instructions in pdf
Click here to download the app


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