Whether you’re an advanced free motion quilter or just dipping your toes into quilting for the first time, having the right machine makes all the difference.

While it’s true you can use just about use any regular sewing machine for quilting (a quilting machine is a sewing machine after all!), a quilting machine has a variety of add-ons and capabilities that really separate the two.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important features you’ll want to consider if you’re planning to quilt on a regular basis.


1) Work space

One of the most obvious differences between a standard sewing machines and a quilting machine is the amount of workspace on the machine. This is measured by the “throat” of the machine, which is directly determined by the length of the machine itself – the longer the machine, the wider the throat, the larger the workarea.

For basic sewing needs and easy home décor projects, a large table with ample work space/throat is more of a luxury than a need. But with bulky projects, such as quilts, the throat space becomes pretty important, hence quilting machines generally offer a much larger work area.

2) Extension Table

If you want even more workspace on your machine, an extension table will give you that room to move and maneuver as you’re quilting.

Designed to fit snugly against your sewing machine, the extra work surface is perfect for machine quilting and sewing on borders and bindings.

Many machines in our quilting range come with the Extension Table accessory, however it’s also available as an optional accessory within the Janome range of genuine parts and accessories.

3) Janome AcuFeed™ System

Ever find your sewing machine stitching everything perfectly from the top but upon flipping over your work, you find bunching or puckering? That’s not entirely uncommon for quilters who often work with multiple layers and heavy fabric.

Janome’s exclusive AcuFeed™ System is designed to move layers of your project together under the needle with perfect precision from both the top and bottom. This feature works great for everything from piecing to hemming to quilting and any sewing requiring precise control.

4) Foot Option:

Quarter Inch Foot When machine piecing a quilt top, a quarter inch seam allowance is ideal. The quarter inch piecing foot helps to achieve quilting accuracy and is also used specifically for quilting projects that typically have a narrow seam allowance.

Many machines in our quilting range come with this foot, however it’s also available as an optional accessory within the Janome range of genuine parts and accessories. Also, available is an AcuFeed Quarter Inch Foot.

5) Foot Option: Convertible Free Motion Foot Set

For free motion quilting, the most effective foot to use is the free motion.

This foot ensures proper stitch formation, minimizes skipped stitches and puckering and also protects your fingers while you move the fabric freely under the needle. It’s especially beneficial to those just learning how to do free hand quilting. The open toe version greatly improves visibility of stitches and is especially popular with quilters. To achieve the best results when free motioning, set your needle to left needle position.

Many machines in our quilting range come with this foot set, however it’s also available as an optional accessory within the Janome range of genuine parts and accessories.

6) Number of Stitches

Decorative stitches may not be your go-to stitch for quilting, but they can be just the thing that takes your quilt from, “That’s very nice,” to “Wow! You made that?”

Quilting with decorative stitches is a great way to add an accent to your quilt especially along a border. You can also use from the machines Stitch Menu, the Quilt Stitch Range of stitches to quilt your quilt sandwich.

Some of our machines in the quilting range have over 200 built-in stitches to choose from including CM7 Professional, MC8200QCP and MC6700P machines.

7) Sewing Speed & Stability

If you are a serious quilter or quilt for a living, then a high-speed machine is definitely worth considering.

The straight stitch HD9 Professional is one of the fastest sewing machine in the market, capable of zapping through projects at speeds of up to 1600 stitches per minute.

Because HD9P can sew at such great speeds, the machine is designed to be extremely sturdy and built to withstand the speed of the motor. It offers stability features like seamless metal workarea and generous workspace – all great features you want in a quilting machine.

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