Cleaning Your Sewing Machine


When was the last time you cleaned and maintained your sewing machine?

Make your friend sparkle

Like cars, sewing machines do need some TLC in order to stay at their peak. We’d recommend a thorough clean every time you change your needle, or approximately every 8 hours of use. If you haven’t done that for a while, you’ll be amazed at the accumulation of dust, thread and lint. Don’t be surprised what else you’ll find in there that could be harmful to your machine.

When maintaining your machine, always refer to your sewing machine’s instructions manual. If you don’t have one, speak to your local Janome dealer, and they can order one in for you. Some dealers even run basic maintenance classes, so it is worth also asking them if they facilitate this service.

A clean machine is also a quiet machine

The “dirtiest” part of your sewing machine is generally the bobbin holder area, as that’s where fluff and lint accumulate from the needle going up and down through the fabric. Grab your lint brush and give it a few good swipes. If you don’t have a lint brush, a small, clean makeup brush should do the trick (it’s not advised to re-use the make-up brush for glamming yourself up after this).

If a bobbin holder cleaner is included as part of your accessories, you can apply a few drops of the cleaner to a soft cloth and wipe the bobbin holder both inside and outside.

It’s critical that you don’t dismantle the machine in any way other than what is explained in your instructions manual.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to change your needle often. We recommend changing out needles after 8 hours of active stitching or after four full bobbins. Always put in a fresh needle if you feel that your needle has hit something other than fabric, or notice that the machine seems to be struggling when going through layers of fabric. A bent or dull needle will not only damage your fabric, but your machine as well. It’s also vitally important to use good quality needles – Janome needles are designed to work with your Janome machine, giving you optimal stitch results with little fuss in the process.

Changing to a new needle can eliminate poor stitching, skipping, fabric snags, and can even cut down on lint accumulating in your machine!

Here are some other good maintenance practice to keep you machine running like a champ:

  • Protect your sewing machine by covering it with a case or keeping it in a carry bag. This way you can keep out dust, lint and pet hair from getting into your machine in between projects. It also protects it from the being damaged if knocked or moved.

  • Try not to eat and sew at the same time. A little grease and sauce can make a big mess of your fabric and your machine. Don’t ask us how we know that.

  • We recommend sending your sewing machine to an authorised Janome dealer for an annual tune up and service. Your dealer will be able to perform a more thorough maintenance regime, ensuring that your machine is working at its optimum, and maximising the longevity of your machine. They also have access to all the genuine parts and accessories that you may need for your machine.

Sewing machines are delicate creatures but with proper care, all machines – sewing, embroidery, quilting or overlockers – will continue to run smoothly and beautifully!

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