Janome Sharp Needles – Accessory of the Month May 2024


Did you know that a needle gram for gram is the most important piece of metal on your machine. If you are sewing along at 600 stitches per minute, your needle is piercing the fabric TEN times per second. Each and every time, it must put your thread in exactly the right place at the right time for every stitch. It’s no wonder a worn needle can cause problems for your machine. You should start each new project with a new needle. Even better, you should choose the brand of needle constructed for your machine.

Janome needles are specifically designed for your machine, they are engineered to enable your Janome machine to produce the best quality stitches. Janome sharp needles have a sharp point which cuts through tightly woven fabric and is ideal for natural fabrics. Our sharp needles are suitable for linen, cotton, chiffon, georgette, net, fine lace, voile, gingham, muslin, poplin, gabardine, broadcloth, velvet, wool, fake fur, curtain fabrics and more woven fabrics.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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