AcuEdit App

The AcuEdit app allows you to edit Janome embroidery designs on your iPad using Wi-Fi.
You can edit designs anywhere, anytime! Embroidery designs can even be edited when your machine is sewing. Send the design data to your sewing machine and you are ready to go!

AcuEdit is compatible with the following sewing machine models:

  • Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000
  • Horizon Memory Craft 15000 version 2.11and earlier versions

Link with Sewing Machine

  • You can send embroidery data from your iPad to your sewing machine. The machine can start sewing your new designs upon receiving the data.
  • AcuEdit can also receive embroidery designs from the Ready to Sew and Editing modes of your sewing machine.

This app is FREE and only available on the App Store for iOS devices

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– Move
– Rotate
– Enlarge/Reduce
– Mirror image
– Vertical flip
– Centering
– Cornering
– Copy and paste
– Arching (monogramming)
– Space adjustment (monogramming)
– Delete
– Ability to change thread colors
– Ability to change sewing order
– Ability to Undo and Redo any change you make
– Edit embroidery designs by using the controller on the screen.
– Basic editing can also be made by moving two fingers across the screen.
– iPad photos can be displayed as the background of the editing screen.

Import embroidery designs

– Select designs from your embroidery collection on your iPad.
– You can use all built-in designs from compatible sewing machines.
(to use the built-in designs from Memory Craft 15000, first connect to your sewing machine) 
(to use the built-in designs from SKYLINE S9 / atelier 9, it's necessary to download the data)
– You can add monogramming designs by inputting them using the keypad.
– iTunes enables import of embroidery designs from the internet or your PC to your iPad.
– Embroidery designs can now be imported from email attachment files, online storage services and other apps.

Save embroidery designs

– Save embroidery designs on your iPad.
– View and delete thumbnails of embroidery designs.

Compatible embroidery formats

– jef
– jef+
– jpx