Table Stand Continental

This table stand is exclusive to the Continental machine series. It’s built TOUGH, featuring a solid 1-inch thick MDF laminated top featuring a ruler for convenience and a powder coated steel frame for strength and longevity.

The machine sits within the table – the sewing surface is level with the table surface, which means your sewing project sits at a standard table height, thus supporting the weight of your project. This is beneficial for shoulders, neck and back, for free-motion quilting as you sit in a more natural position and have less weight to move. The table features 3 storage areas including 2 drawers for sewing accessories and the like, plus has a cutout, for using the knee lifter. This is the perfect addition for any sewing room!

PN: 494719002
Table Stand for Continental Series                                                                                               [L1200mm x W491mm x H758mm]

PN: 494411104
Template K (Table insert) for CM17, CM8P, CM7P, CM6

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