Step up to long arm quilting and into a new world of possibilities

Quilting as a hobby is thriving. Whether it’s the joy of creating, celebrating tradition, for the love of fabric, or simply bestowing our projects onto others, once you get started it’s hard to look back. As we continue to churn out quilt tops, one fact becomes clear—we need to get them quilted!

Using a sewing machine to quilt small projects is easy and relaxing for the most part, but it can be a lengthy process moving a queen-size quilt through the machine. If you’re looking to step up your craft, it may be time to consider adding a long arm quilting machine to your studio or sewing space.

The Quilt Maker Pro 18″ Long Arm Quilter is the first-ever 18’’ long arm quilting machine to bear the distinctive Janome mark in Australia. With key features such as sturdy steel frame, 18” machine arm, speeds of up to 2,200 stitches per minute and numerous exclusive features, the Quilt Maker Pro 18 is the newest long arm quilting machine to tackle any project with speed and precision. You’ll comfortably be able to quilt heirlooms and gifts for family, friends, and charity for hours at a time.

• 18-inch arm – With this much room in the throat of the machine, plus 8.5 inches of distance between top and bottom, the Quilt Maker Pro 18 allows you to quilt large and bulky projects with plenty of room to spare. This also means for less movement of your quilt while you work your way through.

• Janome thread stand in a very convenient location at the front of your machine for the easiest threading possible. The machine can cater for two large vertical spools located at the front of the machine.

• Magnets on each side of front screen display for easy access to your most used tools. Store your scissors, pins, screwdriver or any metal tools on the magnets. The added bonus of the magnets is that they also have additional LED lighting strips underneath so you have plenty of lighting available to quilt until for hours.

• Digital tension control with numbers – Whether you’re quilting using a 40 weight thread or a 100 weight thread, you can easily alter your tension to suite the thread you are using. Simply adjust your tension dial (tighter or looser) and the colour touch screen displays a tension reference number.

Visit your local Quilt Maker Pro 18 dealer for an in-store demonstration today.

Click here to check out the full specs and features of Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18″ Long Arm Quilter.

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