Stitch Elongation


Introduced originally on the Memory Craft 6000 in 1983, the stitch elongation function is a feature, on many of the current Janome computerised sewing machines

Stitch Elongation allows for specific satin stitches to be sewn at different lengths, without having to change the stitch density or stitch coverage of the stitch no matter the length of the stitch.

Using the stitch elongation function, the satin stitches can be sewn at their normal length or at x 2, x 3, x 4 or x 5 times the length of the normal stitch length.

Common satin stitches which can be elongated

When using the stitch elongation function, you can create unique stitch patterns, combinations and embroideries using your sewing machine. Plus, you can adjust the individual stitch width and length within a stitch combination or when elongating the individual stitch.

Try out stitch elongation with this fun project below. We would love to see what you create using stitch elongation, post a picture to our socials to let us know.

Click for instructions to make a Decorative Stitched Mug Rug


Current Models with Stitch Elongation Function

  • Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker
  • Skyline S9
  • Memory Craft 9850
  • Continental M7 Professional
  • Memory Craft 9450QCP
  • Memory Craft 8200QCP
  • Memory Craft 6700P
  • Memory Craft 6650
  • Skyline S7
  • Skyline S6
  • Skyline S3
  • 5300QDC
  • 4300QDC
  • 780DC
  • 740DC


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